How to use the Paperback manga reader

January 4, 20223 min read

Paperback is a great manga reader for iOS, which has historically lacked a proper app for reading manga. I really like this app, although I personally found setting up the app a bit confusing.

This post outlines all the steps you need to do to setup the app. After much experimenting, and finding bits of instructions all over the place, I hope that this guide will be the only thing you need to efficiently get started with Paperback!

First things first, make sure you actually download Paperback. The instructions for doing so can be viewed here.

Create an account on the Paperback Portal

We need to create an account so we can configure what content can be displayed. The default setting is very restricting, and to change the setting the app for some reason requires us to make an account.

  1. First create an account at
  2. After that, we can change the content display setting within the dashboard:

The Paperback Portal

Note that whenever you change the content setting, for the changes to apply in the app, you need to logout and relogin again.

Adding sources

By default, the Paperback app does not include any manga for legal reasons. To actually add manga, we need to configure external sources.

External sources are sources where you can get manga from. Examples are MangaDex, Guya, MangaJar, etc.

To add a repository, visit the repository's home page and click on the "Add to Paperback" button.

Here are just a few external source repositories that are available. If you need more, or can't find a specific source on here, you can join Netsky's Discord Server, which has a lot more sources you can use!

Repository Sources it includes


  • MangaDex
  • Komga

Netsky's Extensions

  • ComicOnlineFree
  • Guya
  • MangaFox
  • MangaHere
  • MangaJar
  • MangaKatana
  • Mangahub
  • ReadComicsOnline
  • Readm

GameFuzzy's Extensions

  • Bato.To
  • ComicExtra
  • MangaPill
  • MangaPlus

NepNep Extensions

  • Manga4Life
  • MangaSee

Once you install a repository, go to the "External Sources" tab in Settings, and click on a repository. From there, you will be able to install a source.

An example repository, where we can install sources from

After that, you should be good to go! Go and read something!

Optional: Setup tracking with Anilist

With Paperback, you can configure trackers to track your progress with manga. As of the date of writing, the only website you can configure to track with Paperback is with Anilist.

To setup tracking with Anilist, make sure you have an account with Anilist (surprising, I know).

  1. First, copy the following repository URL:
    • Note: You may be tempted to click on the link and press the "Add to Paperback" button, just like what we did for adding external sources. However this will NOT work for external trackers! Make sure you follow the steps that are further listed below
  2. Open the Paperback app, go to Settings and go to the "External Trackers" tab
  3. In the top right corner, click on the "Edit" button, then click on the plus icon in the top left corner
  4. Paste the URL in the "Repository Base URL" field. The Repository name is optional, but I recommend you set it to something so you know what the repository is

    The dialog which prompts the user to add a tracker

  5. Once you add the tracker, click on the newly added repository and install the Anilist tracker
  6. After you install the Anilist tracker, go back to the External Trackers tab and click on the Anilist tracker
  7. Once you click on the Anilist tracker, log in with your Anilist account

Now you should be able to setup tracking for manga you read with Paperback!

  1. Go to the manga you want to track and click on the flag icon

    Highlights the flag icon on the information page of a manga

  2. Click on the Anilist title that best matches what you are reading, and then click "Track Manga"
  3. After that, click on the "Manage" button, where you can set the Status to Reading, Finished, Dropped, etc.
  4. Now as you read, Paperback will automatically sync your progress with Anilist!